The Sarasota Model Yacht Club got its start in Sarasota in 1996.  Our club sails the American Model Yachting Association-sanctioned one-design Soling One Meter R/C , RCLaser and DF95 model yachts. The club meets three times per week for practice and racing at the Nathan Benderson Park at the south end of the University Town Center Mall which is located at Exit 213 on I-75. 

    The Soling 1-Meter kit-based model is a pleasure to sail. As a one-design, it is an ideal introduction to model yachting, yet it provides a  competitive boat for the best of veterans as well and is available from Victor Model Products or from “Boatyard John” (our club builder). 

    The RCLaser is factory-built ready to sail and available at 

    The DF95 is the fastest growing class in the USA and is near Ready-to-Sail in a kit form from or from “Boatyard John”. 

    All skill levels are welcome, from neophytes to crusty old salts! You will find that our members can be very helpful in getting you involved with this great hobby. Come on out to watch the hard-fought races or join us for practice and racing.  

About Us


Our fleets

The Soling One Meter (S1M):  This S1M the largest class in the U.S. and Florida.

The RCLaser:  This is the largest RC class in the world.

The DF95:  This is the newest and fastest-growing restricted one-design class in both Florida and the U.S.  


Where and when do we race?

    We race at Benderson Park Lake (just South of the UTC Mall).  If necessary we do have a  backup site: The Meadows pond next to their Community Center (2004 Longmeadow). This is nearby Nathan Benderon Park.

    We race on Saturdays 10-Noon year-round, and Tuesday & Thursdays 1-3 pm (Fall, Winter, and Spring).

    During the summer we change to 10-Noon on Tuesdays and Thursdays while Saturday remains the same.

    Thursday is our 'counting day' for our Series Races (Fall, Winter, and Summer).

Notice of Regattas


Soling Region 7 Regatta 2020


2020 SOLING 1M Region 7 CR is an AMYC sanctioned Red Chevron event, hosted by the Sarasota MYC, #204. All entrants must be current members of the AMYA or their National Sailing Authority.



Do we accept beginners?

    YES. We encourage sailors of all skill levels to join us. A Mentor Program is available for beginners. 


How can I get a S1M, RCLaser or DF95?

    Soling 1M:  We have a member called “Boat Yard” who has used/refurbished S1Ms’ for sale. You can also purchase a kit from and build it yourself. You can also buy a new ready-to-sail boat. Your cost can vary from say $250 for a boat needing work to $1,100 for a new, ready-to-sail boat.

    RCLaser:  A new RCLaser is available at at a cost of less than $600 with 3 complete rigs.

    DF95:  A new DF95 can be purchased from in kit form for $345, up to $610, which includes a transmitter and receiver, B rig, B sails, LiPo battery, custom stand and sail numbers for A and B sails.  The boat can also be purchased and assembled by club member  “Boatyard”.  The assembly takes 3-4 hours. 


Do we have dues/fees?

     Dues are $70/year and a signed liability Waiver for SANCA is required.   SMYC is also a member of the American Model Yachting Association (AMYA).  The AMYA has many resources for Individual members. Their web site is

The club's primary contact is Commodore Will Parry,  (321) 446-8144 or email

For questions regarding this website, please contact Tony Bryan, email


Video Links

Here is a recent Video from the Soling Region 7 Regatta and a link to a PDF from Sarasota Magazine.